Nearly time to rummage in the Archives!

Visitors arrive at Worcestershire Archives & Archaeology Service at the Hive

There’s just two more days until the Abberley Lives team visit Worcestershire Archives & Archaeology Service in their new home at the Hive in Worcester.

We shall be meeting with Su Vale, Outreach Assistant, who will introduce us to the mysteries of searching inventories, ordering documents, handling original archives and, most enigmatic of all, operating the microfilm reader/copier machine.

Our group embraces quite a range of experience, from qualified archivist to absolute novice.  We are all very excited about what we might find when we start looking.  I think we are most excited about seeing the maps of the area and getting a sense for how the landscape and village have changed and grown over the last 100 years.

We are also keen to see the trade directories for the area, to see how the working life of the village has changed from specialising in agricultural and mercantile trades to the current population of professionals and home workers.

As a preparation, Su has sent us the WAAS user guide, so that we can make ready for our visit.  Don’t forget your CARN ticket, library card and pencils ladies!

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