World War Two Roll of Honour

The badge of the Worcestershire Regiment. Some men from the village served in this regiment in both world wars.

When I was carrying out my researches in the Hive last week, I was delighted to find a beautifully printed hard-back copy of the Abberley Roll of Honour, compiled in 1946, by Rev Canon J Grant Richardson.

The book encloses a letter from Rev Richardson to to L Saunders, Secretary of County War Memorial Committee, dated 1 May 1950.  In the letter he describes the book thus:

‘It is a record compiled by me of what all the enlisted men and women from the village did in the Second World War.  A copy was printed for each man and woman who served’.

The book gives the name, number, Unit, Rank and details of service for every village resident who joined the armed forces, from sign-up to their demob, or death, or a statement indicating if they were still serving in 1946.  Also includes brief mention of exceptional/notable activity

It is the first Roll of Honour that I have seen which includes both the names of the Fallen, and those who survived, and as such is a very special document. Many of the names are still held by people in the village and many of the personalities remain in living memory.  I look forward to the oral history interviews to find out which!

If you want to look at the Roll of Honour yourself, the WAAS references are: BA 3239/parcel
9, ref 259.9:26.

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