Oral History Training with Suze Carter

Suze CArter, Lisa, Kate and Jo gather together to learn how to make oral history recordings.

Suze Carter, Lisa, Kate and Jo gather together to learn how to make oral history recordings.

On 6 December, four members of the Abberley Lives research team gathered together with Suze Carter, a frelance Heritage Outreach manager and oral historian. Under her expert guidance, the team began to plan the oral history programme for Abberley Lives. Suze thoroughly enjoyed the experience and wrote us this blog:

“It was a pleasure to do some oral history training with Lisa, Kate and Jo last week in Lisa’s kitchen! Recording people’s memories and stories about Abberley is going to be really useful for researching the village, but, more than this, will give a rich depth to this history, which can be heard by generations to come.

There is something really powerful about the spoken word, and oral history gives a voice to people who aren’t always heard in history, certainly not captured in text books. ‘Abberley Lives’ is interested in recording people who have lived in the village for a long time, and also relative newcomers, and this will create a fascinating snapshot of village life in this decade.

It was a really enjoyable training session and I’d like to wish you all the best with your new skills as you start creating this important archive.”

Suze has provided a very useful guide which you can download here: Oral History Training Pack

There is now a special page on the Abberley Lives website which is dedicated to Oral History.  If you are a team member conducting oral history recordings, you will find the necessary consent and cataloguing forms on this page. As the team begins to gather new recordings, we shall be adding the material to this page.

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