1901 census: village trades and living conditions

Kate Andrew has been delving into the 1901 census this month and has discovered the following headlines…

Living conditions

There is more evidence of overcrowded living in the 1901 census than in the following 1911 reports.  The first reference in workhouse row and first of the Home Farm cottages (11 people) .  All other properties have reasonable numbers of people living in them.

There is no evidence of a multiple occupant house such as a hospital noted, although an uninhabited “nursery” is recorded on The Common.

There are entries for 2 elderly people receiving poor relief.

Pub name

In the 1901 returns, the pub is called the Bromley Arms

Trades and professions in 1901

Most of the miners listed, lived on Abberley Hill, whilst the colliery proprietors/owners’ homes were at The Beehive and Jacob’s Well on Suffolk Lane.

On The Common, there lived a few miners, a number of brickyard workers, a highways engineer and, as lodgers, a gas engineer and his assistant.

Several shoemakers are listed as living in adjoining properties on The Common.

Poolhouse Farm, site of one of the coalmines, is listed bu the census records no coalminers living in that direction.

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