Abberley Hall Estate and The Elms: owners timeline

Abberley Hall
The estate office was always at Home Farm.

From To Owners
??? To 1836 Bromley   family and heirs
1836  1845  John Lewis Moilliet
1845  1857 his   widow Mrs Amelia Moillet lived at the Hall, son James lived at the Elms
1857  until sold on 8 Feb 1867  owned by James Moillett and his wife? who died   Nov 5 1848Moillett does not die until 1878 though, so   does he carry on living at the Elms?

The   1866 estate map must be from when the Jones family bought it and the   “bought by father” on the 1866 map refers to James Moillett

1867  1880 Joseph   Jones (his son Joseph died in 1862 aged 18)
1880  Aug 5 1888  John Joseph Jones,cousin of Joseph Jones and   inherited upon his death, due to death of heir
1888  7 Feb 1902  William Jones (brother of JJJ) lived at   Abberley Hall with wife Mary until his death in 1902 his eldest son inherits
1902 1910 Frederick   William Jones married to Diana Sarah StJohn by 1881, lived in Altringham from   1881 to 1901.  8 children at home in   1901 census ranging from 6 months to 22 years old.
1910  23 Feb 1935 James   Arthur Jones (younger brother) became Lord of the Manor– lived the Old   Parsonage at Ombersley (his wife didn’t like the house).1911   census – Hall empty except for the Butler

1916:   House and contents sold for £10,000 and the school was established – 120   acres, 9 cottages. School built house on Abberley Hill on 2 acres bought from   Arthur Jones. Clocktower retained though until 1939

The   estate continued to operate as slimmed down unit until the late 1930s  when Mr Arthur Astley Jones sold off most   of the property.

1935 until   at least 1939 Arthur   Astley Jones presumably FW Jones’s son Georgie, born in 1879 – I was told   that the Astley-Jones lived on the Tenbury road in house that looks as though   it dates from the 1920s or 30s, high above the road, close to Tall Trees   Stoves

The Elms – part of the estate from mid 19th century to approx. 1920
The Elms came into the Abberley Hall estate via a wife marrying into the Moilett family


1840s James   Moilett (son of Amelia and John Moilett)
1876   approx Fanny   Louisa Pearson, widow of the vicar of Great Witley, (she gave a chalice and   patten to the new church rebuilt after a fire by J Jones) (Manor of Abberley)
1901 Crompton   and Eleanor Domville with 3 sons, 1 daughter and 6 servants.  Other servants lived in the Lodge. (1901   census)
1911 owned   by Lt Col Alfred Edwin Jones, but family away at time of census, and not yet   located elsewhere
1912 Lt   Col Alfred Edwin Jones  (Kelly’s   Directory)
By   1916 to 1946 Sir   Richard and Lady Brook lived at the Elms, initially renting and later buying   the property, they relocated the large fireplace in the hall from their   Cheshire ancestral home and built the two wings.
1946 sold to Mr and Mrs Jack Morton and becomes a Country House hotel.

Other notable houses in Abberley

From 1880s to at least 1901, the Estate’s land agent Alfred Dudley Clarke lived at Firleigh (or Tump House as it’s now called)

By 1911, Apostles Oak was used as Mr Samson, the land agent’s house

Kate Andrew researched and provided these timelines.

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