In touch with the outside world

Kate Andrew has discovered that Abberley has long been connected to the outside world…


Abberley’s sole public telephone box was located (where it still is) on the Common close to the School opposite the Post Office, which until May 1942 was at The Walshes.

Requests for a second phone box in the village square were justified by the distance and complaints that it was often impossible to get a line due to the level of use from the Post Office.

The 1906 phone directory does not include any telephone numbers for Abberley.  Early telephone users were the Billingham’s at the village shop (no 12) and the Stonehouses (number 52).

The post office

The 1942 sales particulars of the Walshes mention that the tenant would be removing the post office fittings.

The Post Office then re-located to Linden House (or Lindum House) which may have previously been known as The Nursery.  The post office box was fitted into the house wall, by the 1990s; it was on a post next to the road.

The Post Office moved into the shop in about 2000 and the post box moved onto the main road.

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