Are you ready to dig? Then read this…

At the launch meeting so many people said they wanted to dig that we have had to create a rota and give priority to local people, those who haven’t done this sort of thing before and those that signed up then and there.

imagesU46EIFHBThe dig is a chance to learn about archaeological techniques from the professional archaeologists – this means that there will be a very important safety briefing first followed by teaching on techniques before people are let loose on real digging. The good news is that the early geophysics results and a visit to the site by mill experts on Friday suggest that there are some interesting features to explore in the test pits.

To allow everyone to make the best of this opportunity, please read the e-mails you have received from Derek Hurst of Worcester Archaeology Service and come to site on your allotted days with your paperwork filled in and signed. You won’t be allowed on site without it.

The teaching sessions start at 10am each day in St Michaels Church and the digging day finished at 4pm. Hot drinks will be provided and there will be a site loo but diggers need to bring their own lunch.

If you can’t attend on the slot you have been allocated please let us know  so that someone else can benefit from this opportunity.

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