Could this be something?

Catherine – another of our many willing volunteers – has written this engaging account of the time she spent at the ‘Mill’ site dig…

Who would have thought that a tiny fragment of pottery, a rain sodden ditch or the indistinguishable line (to a layman’s eyes) of a boundary could generate such excitement. But, I promise you, it did. Welcome to the world of Archaeology, and, more precisely, the unearthing of medieval Abberley.

Volunteers hard at work on the 'Mill' site dig.

Volunteers hard at work on the ‘Mill’ site dig.

Armed with mattocks, buckets, sieves and trusty trowels we set to digging our one metre by one metre pits. Encouraged by our mentors, groups of us willingly spent hours playing in the mud, digging and sifting until our piles of spoil resembled collapsed termite mounds; every sieve and shake unleashing the glorious possibility of untold treasure. Not the shiny, sparkly kind but the priceless kind, rooted in our history, a part of worlds built upon worlds which lead to 21st century Abberley.

Even the rather mundane task of washing ‘ artefacts ‘ (mostly stones)(blame boundless enthusiasm) couldn’t dim that rush of hope that the next likely looking rock, scrubbed clean, would start to tell a story.

The astoundingly accurate mapping of the site that allowed us to discover the mill dam, a wall and drain, and a boundary line was very impressive and bodes well for the next great adventure that awaits us on the hill. A castle and Henry Tudor, Owain Glendower and a host of ghosts from the past.
Lead on.

Has this inspired you to get involved?  Then contact us.

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