Abberley Lives research team

Members of the Abberley Lives research team on the case

The Abberley Lives Research Team is made up of residents of the village itself and includes Kate, Jo, Jen, Jan, Lisa, Cherry, Angela and Sheena.  We have been investigating the history of Abberley from 1910 to the present day.

The research coincides with the history of Abberley WI itself, founded as it was in 1921.  We started our investigations in 1910 in order to in the change to village life caused by World War One, the decline of rural trades in the mid-century, and the current rise of professional home working.

As a result of all our work, we have produced:

  • a village history website featuring our findings and photographs
  • a commemorative book, Abberley Lives, available to buy from the WI
  • a series of talks at four WI Open Meetings

We followed a few ‘Golden Threads’ of history including

  • the WI itself and its impact on village life
  • public health – the introduction of water supplies, utilities and waste disposal
  • the lives and expectations of women in the village
  • the development of the village and its communications with the outside world
  • occupations and trades in the village
  • snapshots of life in 1911 (the date of the last census open to public study) and 2012

We collected oral histories of parishioners’ experiences and observations of life in Abberley throughout the 20th century and we plan to deposit these in Worcestershire Archives.

The team’s researches were facilitated by Jenni Waugh, who has also created this website.

If you would like to know more about how we managed this project, please contact us here.

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