History of the WI, 1915-present

To see highlights from the history of the WI, selected by Anne Stamper, Honorary archivist, click on the WI logo

Publications about the history of the WI:

  • Women’s Institutes: Britain in Pictures by Cicely McCall (1943)
  • The Living Village: a report on rural life in England & Wales, based on actual village scrapbooks, Paul Jennings (Country Book Club; 2nd edition, 1969) Jennings’ book provides an anthology of and commentary on the 2000+ WI scrapbooks created by members as part of the National Federation of WI’s 50th Anniversary in 1965.
  • Jam and Jerusalem: A pictorial history of the Women’s Institute, Simon Goodenough (Collins, 1977)
  • Madam President: fellow members – the story of the Worcestershire Federation of Women’s Institutes, Dorothy E Williams (Worcestershire Federation of Women’s Institutes, 1980)
  • The Acceptable Face of Feminism: The Women’s Institute as a Social Movement, Maggie Andrews (1997, Lawrence & Wishart Ltd)
  • A Force To Be Reckoned With: A History of the Women’s Institute, Jane Robinson (Virago, 2012)

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