How to do oral history


Lisa, Kate and Jo learning how to use the audio recording equipment during our Oral History training session.

As part of the project, we began to gather oral histories from village residents in an attempt to solve some of the mysteries we encountered in our researches.  We hope to continue interviewing local residents, young and old, so that we shall be able to create a snapshot of how people perceive village life to have changed over the 20th century. Or maybe, to show what has remained the same!

Suze Carter, a freelance oral historian, has trained the members of our team who will be leading the oral history work.  She has produced a very useful guide which you can download here: Oral History Training Pack

If you want to know more, please contact us.


What about copyright and consent?

So that we can make sure we respect your wishes and copyright with regard to these recordings, we need to make sure we have given you an opportunity to provide informed consent.  As a result, we’ll need you to sign the consent form here: oral-history_consent-form

When we catalogue the recordings, we need to make sure we provide suitable information for future researchers, so we will complete one of these documentation forms: Oral history_documentation form

We are also interested in making digital copies of photographs depicting life in Abberley since 1910.  If you would like to contribute a picture, either scan it yourself and send us a digital copy or contact us and we will make arrangements to scan it for you.

Either way, don’t forget to complete one of these documentation forms so that we know what the photograph shows and what it means to you: Photograph documentation form

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