Village industries, 1910-2012

Agriculture was never the sole industry supported by Abberley For suvillage

For such a small village, Abberley has long been an industrious one.  

During our research into the 20th century history of the parish, we discovered the following range of occupations & industries were active at one time or another:

  • farming
  • market gardening
  • fruit growing
  • brick manufacture
  • quarrying
  • coal-mining (bell pits & opencast)
  • Carriage building / bus depot
  • growth of commuting / flight from the village to find work
  • Home working & creative industries
  • Renaissance of interest in local produce: hops, orchards etc
  • Education & apprenticeships
  • Environmental issues, recycling and sustainability


  • Census – occupations, population levels (both 1911 returns & subsequent overall stats)
  • Commercial directories
  • Maps
  • local papers – advertisements, controversy over planning, details of closures
  • Sale particulars
  • County Council Planning papers
  • Local knowledge, oral history & reminiscence
  • Civil parish council records (planning & local relations)


  • local & specialist histories
  • industrial archaeology reports (HER)
  • marketing materials

National Federation of Womens’ Institutes resolutions and actions

1943: The first AGM since 1939 was held; resolutions discussed included urging the Government that equal facilities for full education at all levels should be provided in town & country & a demand that men & women should receive equal pay for equal work.

1943: Sir Richard Livingstone, speaking at The Questions of the Day residential conference, suggested that the WI should start its own residential college of adult education.

1974: The AGM called for a national policy for reclamation, reuse & recycling of waste.

2002: NFWI speak at Johannesberg Summit on Climate Change

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