Abberley school log books: extracts relating to World War Two

A postcard photograph of Betty's class, photographed outside St George's Halll in July 1940

The evacuees from West Ham, London, photographed outside St George’s Hall, July 1940

11 Sep 1939: On 1st September a number of children were evacuated from Birmingham. It was expected that 72 children from Dudley Road Junior Schools would arrive in Abberley – but only 30 infants arrived accompanied by three teachers and three helpers. There are several privately evacuated children – chiefly juniors in the village.

13 Sep 1939: Mr Gooderson, the billeting officer, called. He asked permission to enquire whether the children were happy in their billets.

5 June 1940: Admitted 5 West Ham Evacuees (GroveCentralSchool)

15 Aug 1940: Air raid drill taken.

16 Aug 1940: Gas masks tested.

3 Aug 1941: Yesterday the girls (seniors) gathered blackberries; and in the afternoon the senior boys were engaged in a similar occupation. In all 50lbs. of fruit were gathered.

20 May 1941: I tested all the Gas Masks today with the J. K. Respirator Tester supplied by the MRDC and adjusted any that needed it Masks were worn in school for 7 mins.

10 June 1941: The Martley R.D.C. Gas van visited – all children present underwent the test. All masks were found efficient.

2 Mar 1942: The boys of the upper group have started to make a scale model of a Corvette to be displayed in the village during “Warship Week” when a special drive on behalf of National Savings Campaign from 9-14. The target for Abberley is £2,500.

(Displayed in the Post Office.)

1 May 1942: Mr L Neath of Church farm called to know whether he could have six boys to assist him to plant his potatoes as he could not obtain labour. I allowed six of the eldest boys go to his aid for the morning and cancelled their attendance.

9 May 1942: The school was used as a “Blood Transfusion” centre. 35 persons including the members of staff voluntarily gave a pint of blood.

15 May 1942: Mr. Knowles, Salvage Officer for Martley RDC, called to ascertain whether the school could be used as a collecting centre. I agreed to the request.

21 July 1942: Rector called for Red Cross Collecting Box.

18 OCT 1942: Received notification from the Director Of Education that Mr J Attwood of Netherton Farm had applied for 12 children to pick potatoes. The application was granted subject to conditions and regulations set out in the circular letter of the 11th inst.

5 Oct 1943: The summer vacation has been extended until 10th inst. in order that the installation of the Electric Light may be completed and the school being “Blacked Out.”

8 May 1945: V.E. Day. School closed as per Government order.

15 – 16 Aug 1945: V.J. Holiday
The news of the surrender of Japan came before the opening of school on Wed. 15 so, of course, no staff or pupils turned up.

Extracts provided by Jo Roche

One thought on “Abberley school log books: extracts relating to World War Two

  1. From dudley road school to abberley sept 1939..stayed with Mr and Mrs Clark Sam and Gert….the local milk man. Wonderful people . only stayed about six months…well l was only six years old…. Visited many times until their death.. And since .maurice

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