Medieval Abberley Launch Night

Thank you to Kate Andrew for this report of the successful Launch evening, which was very well attended by lots of enthusiastic people.

badge find

Badge found in a local farmer’s field.

At the launch of Medieval Abberley Revealed, a local farmer brought along a display of things found on his land over the years. This included an oblong bar with a crown shape on top bearing the words “Imperial Service”..

The item would have been a badge and had a military look to it. A quick search revealed that these badges were issued to members of the Territorial Force , the voluntary component of the British Army.  The badge showed that the volunteer was willing to serve overseas.  The badge probably dates from the First World War – they were first created in 1912 as before this volunteer reservists did not serve overseas.  They stopped being made in 1920 when the Territorial Force became the Territorial Army.

The badge was worn on the right hand breast pocket of a uniform jacket – did it’s owner take his jacket off and lie down in the grass to enjoy the sunshine after a morning in church or was it knocked off by a low branch or a bramble? Did it belong to one of the First World War casualties or one of the men who survived and came home again?

The badge was found in the field that Medieval Abberley Revealed will be field walking in half term – why not sign up to see whether you can reveal a bit of Abberley’s history

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